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Let me tell you, when you grow a bigger penis, life is pretty great! It's like being in some exclusive club with incredible perks you never had before. Good looking women sense your alpha size... and flock to you like magic. And as your penis grows, you feel a confidence you never knew before.

This is no fantasy! You really can get a bigger penis, if you do it right. And I'm about to cut through the B.S. and reveal to you what really works for penis enlargement. So what are you waiting for? Discover for yourself the incredible feeling having a big penis gives you!

The Secret To Penis Growth:

The Hormone DHT (Topical) Plus Penile Tissue Traction (Extender Or Exercises) Equals Massive Penis Growth!

Hormonal Maximization: Topical DHT For Penis Growth:

Andractim Topical DHT Gel: Andractim topical DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a gel applied to the skin. DHT is a derivative of testosterone but several times stronger. It's the hormone responsible for development of all male sexual characteristics, including penis growth. Andractim is so effective at increasing penis size doctors use it to cure men afflicted with Micropenis syndrome!

Make no mistake, Andractim isn't some herb. We're talking actual penile growth caused by applying DHT to the androgen receptors of the penis. It's the most hardcore and the most effective supplement to get real results. Combined with a penis extender you have the strongest penis enlargement routine in existence, period. More about DHT and penis enlargement.

Traction Method 1: Penis Extenders:

Penis extenders use the medically proven principle of traction to slowly but steadily increase penis length. Girth will also increase and won't decrease, contrary to what you may have heard. If penis length is your main goal you should definitely be using an extender. They work exceptionally well stand alone or even better with Andractim gel. More about penis extenders.

Professionally designed extenders are the way to go. The only extenders you should consider are those based on the famous JES study model. Of these, the most popular extenders on the market are:


sizegenetics image SizeGenetics has quickly become popular with good reason. For a great price, you get a very high quality device with patented comfort technology. Customer support is top notch and they have a great forum with guys tracking their results.
Discount --> Get $50.00 OFF with discount code ECON8 when you get your SizeGenetics system today!

The X4Labs Extender:

The X4 Extender is a high quality extender with an option to make payments. They offer financing as low as $50/month with their Easy Payment Plan. So if money is tight you can still get your extender. Follow these steps to finance your X4labs extender:

Payment Plan-->
  • Go to the X4Labs Extender website.
  • Choose the X4Labs delux package.
  • At checkout choose Easy Payment Program and enter Promo Code disc25
  • Select "4 payments" for the financing period.

Plans On How To Build Your Own Homemade Penis Stretcher:

Simple Penis Enlarger Device: Very cheap and easy to build. But this is for beginner's. You will need to upgrade later. Simple Homemade Enlarger

Advanced Homemade Penis Extender: This one is sturdy and near as good as a commercial device but will take handyman level skills to build. Advanced Homemade Extender

Traction Method 2: Penis Enlargement Exercises:

Penis enlargement exercises involve using your hands to manipulate the penis tissues (as a type of traction) to increase penis size (it's not muscle building). The exercises are designed to lengthen the penile ligaments, stretch and expand the tunica, expand the three penile chambers and increase the capacity of the penis blood vessels. More about how penis exercises work.

Free Beginner's Penis Enlargement Exercise Routine:

Here is the complete beginner's exercise system for penis enlargement. Combine these exercises with Andractim and you will get good results. Free penis exercise plus topical DHT combined is the cheapest way to get started with effective penis enlargement and see real results.

Penis Warm Up - Using heat before every exercise is very important and will help speed up your gains so don't skip it!
Kegel Exercise - This exercise is designed to work the Pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. Strengthening these muscles will help increase blood flow into your penis for stronger erections.
Penis Squeeze - This exercise is all about the girth! It's big girth that gives women a huge orgasm!.
Penis Stretch
- This technique will lengthen the ligaments that attach penis to pubic bone naturally. It also helps stretch the tunica.

Jelq Exercise
- The Jelq exercise helps to increase both length and girth.
The Workout Schedule - Here's a quick start plan to get you seeing results fast. Just follow the schedule and be consistent with your workout.
Size Maintenance - A quick and easy routine to keep your gains forever!

Advanced Penis Enlargement Exercises:

penis exercises imagePenis Health: When you're ready for a more powerful exercise system, Penis Health is the most advanced, most effective penis enlargement exercise system available. You will get great results with these advanced exercises. Learn more about exercises here.

What About Penis Enlargement Pills? Do They Actually Work?

Penis enlarging pills are not the penis growth miracle that some commercials portray them to be. But they do have their uses. In fact, if what you want is a modest gain in size, rock hard erections on demand and a sex drive that never quits then the penis pills are your answer! But you must get the right one. There are two brands that are getting good reviews you should get:

Extenze (maximum strength version only): Unlike most B.S. pills this one is actually effective (likely because it's the only pill that uses DHEA to increase testosterone and balloons up erection size with massive amounts of Yohimbe). Extenze alone will increase libido, increase penile girth and cause you to walk around with a semi-erection all day long. If you're not yet ready to use Andractim DHT gel try Extenze. More about Extenze pills here.

ProSolutionPills: Prosolution is another enlarging pill that will give you real results. You can expect a massive increase of blood flow to your penis as well as much larger flaccid hang size- usually within weeks. And don't forget an incredible jump in libido! Some guys are actually fully satisfied with the results just from these pills. They just wanted a modest increase and the stamina to go all night. More about ProSolution here.

There are two big differences between ProSolution pills and Extenze. One difference is that ProSolution tends to work a little slower. Where Extenze effects can be noticed literally within days, PSP seems to take a week or two to get things going downstairs. But once it does look out!

The other difference is that ProSolution will be a lot safer for many men because it has no Yohimbe in it. A lot of guys have problems with Yohimbe causing sleep trouble and jitters. And idf you have problem with high blood pressure your doctor likely will contrandain any Yohimbe use. So if you have any doubts, go with ProSolution.

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